Do you like Minecraft? Do you want to play the game not only on the device, but also in reality? Then the Papercraft ✂️ app will help you with this. Here you can create paper models of skins.
You can download any skin from your device, for this press the “open” ? button. Then view the model, including in 3D mode ? Print by pressing the “print” ? button or save the model to the device ?. Next you will need scissors, glue and gear ? Paper model skin is ready! ?
All of our kits, you can print the Papercraft app, just switch from a set by Papercraft button “scissors” ✂️

The creation of paper models of all skins for free! ?
Play paper models of skins with your friends, you can share with them your favorite models of skins.
The original model can be changed using the application skin Editor ✏️, as well as pick up and change the clothes skin in the application Wardrobe Minecraft ?

✂️ APP features: ✂️
▶ Download any skin to create a paper model;
▶ Access to a large number of skin packs with our skin pack apps;
▶ View model in 3D ? mode;
▶ Switch to the skin Editor app ✏️;
▶ Go to the application Wardrobe Minecraft ?;
▶ Ability to share a paper skin model with friends;
▶ Ability to save the model to your device.

Write in the comments what improvements you would like to see and we will add them in the next update! ❤️
If you find a bug ❌, please let us know in the comments, thank you!