Minecrafter’s Wardrobe

Create an outfit for your skin with the help of the Wardrobe for Minecraft and play a unique character in the game Minecraft! ?

?You can download a large set of skins clothes for free.
Browse the created skin in 3D mode, with the ability to save the skin picture in the pose that was displayed in the window.
Share your unique skin with friends.
The set contains only the best details of the clothing of the skins!
The original model can be changed using the Skin Editor application.
Create a paper skin model using the Papercraft application.
Skins are supported in multiplayer! ? Skins can be used in the version of Minecraft Pocket Edition ?, as well as for PC ?

▶ Record a video to create a skin character ?
▶ Download additional skin sets by category;
▶ Free download in one click;
▶ Access to a large set of clothing items for the character;
▶ Ability to use the skin in all versions of Minecraft;
▶ Go to the Skin Editor application ✏️
▶ Create paper models in the Papecraft application ✂️
▶ Ability to share a unique skin with friends;
▶ Preview the created skins in 3D, with the ability to save the screenshot of the 3D model.

? glasses;
? hats / hats;
? hair / hair;
? jacket / jacket / shirt / jacket;
? pants / trousers.